The Atlantic’s CityLab
Meet the Bay Area Residents Fighting Discrimination on Public Transit
Locals and officials teamed up in support of inclusivity on BART.

Guernica Magazine
Alia Malek: Breaking Through the Din
On the writer’s new memoir, the conflict in Syria, and the importance of storytelling in moments of crisis.

Why Do the Same Expressions Exist in Multiple Languages?
“We’re in the same boat” is just one of hundreds of idioms shared across languages.

An Oromo Journalist in Exile
A member of the diaspora speaks out about the current unrest and why he left Ethiopia.

The Criminalization of Black Girls in the Classroom
A new book takes a hard look at a pervasive, often-ignored issue.

‘It’s Not Safe Anymore.’ An Iraqi Refugee Talks About the Trump Ban
After President Trump’s recent immigration ban, a refugee from Iraq is afraid for himself and his family.

Some Places Are Actually Solving Homelessness but Not in the Way You’d Think
Here are a few of the places that say they’ve eradicated chronic homelessness, and how they did it.

One Hundred Years of American Fear
Over the past century, in moments of political crisis or fear, the U.S. government has often engaged in fearmongering.

Lucha Libre, Bolivian Style
Bolivia’s indigenous women fight for recognition.

Depressed? There’s an App for That
AJ+ takes a look at some of the newest options out there.

Bloomberg Businessweek
Cairo’s Day of Rage
The carnage over the past week has left many discouraged about future national reconciliation.

Egypt: Shocked, Scared, and Still Divided
Cairo residents’ dreams of revolution and hopes for democracy are ripped by violence.

Los Angeles Review of Books
Waiting for Egypt’s Next Revolution
Basma Abdel Aziz’s new novel depicts a dystopian society under authoritarian rule.

Six Banned Middle Eastern Books You Should Read
In honor of Banned Books Week,  here’s a reading list.

The Teenage Egyptian Artist Behind Pink Floyd’s New Album Art
Pink Floyd’s creative team scoured the internet until they found what they were looking for: Ahmed Emad Eldin, an 18-year-old Egyptian graphic designer.

The California Health Report
Every Single Day Matters
California Health Report Magazine (Cover Story)
A foster child turned lawyer helps kids in the system.

Mental Health Care in the Central Valley
The California Health Report
Counties in the Central Valley are still not prepared to offer expanded mental health care, in spite of the new reform bill’s requirements.

In the Central Valley, Organic Farming Is Slowly Taking Hold
Organic. Could a more polarizing word exist in agriculture today?

Home Care Workers Are in Demand, but Still Struggling to Make Ends Meet
Home care workers make an independent life possible for thousands of seniors and people with disabilities, but they’re barely scraping by.

Other Publications:
Egypt’s Reading Renaissance
Business Monthly
Young readers transform Egypt’s book industry.

In Pro-Sisi Mansoura, Embittered Youth Avoid the Polls
Mada Masr
Disillusioned students in this Nile Delta city explain why they’re avoiding the polls on election day.

Bahrain and the Kissinger Cables
Wikileaks’ latest data dump reveals that US-Bahraini relations haven’t changed much since the 1970s.

The Iraq War is not Done
The East Bay Express
Ten years after the US invasion of Iraq, Iraqi refugees in the Bay Area face an uphill battle.

Mona Prince: Revolution is My Name
Arabic Literature (in English)
Controversial author Mona Prince discusses her writing, her activism and the future.

From the Horn of Africa to Oakland, a Family Tradition of Food
The Africa Reporting Project
An Ethiopian family continues their tradition of cooking.

18 Years In, a Theater Group Continues to Surprise
Oakland North
The Shotgun Players are a force to be reckoned with in the East Bay.

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